At Ocimeae

Welcome to Ocimeae

Nestled between Brighton and Lansing, Ocimeae Lavender Farm is an enchanting wedding venue in Southern Michigan. An elegant variety of spaces on our farm presents you, the bride and groom, with the rare opportunity to design your wedding day outside the box. 

You may choose to have a ring ceremony under the Arbor or The Pergola, dinner or refreshments in the Barn or the Park, music at the Arbor or the Barn, dancing… anywhere! … the possibilities are endless. 

We invite you to let your creative mind explore…

Inside of barn.
Young girl walking through the lavender fields.
Outdoor wedding with large carnival tent and barn in the background.

The Timber Frame Barn

This beautiful exposed post and beam structure with 1440 square feet of floor space provides space for 1 head table and 8, 60” guest tables with dance space reserved in the center. Sweeping rows of lavender are the views to the south with the four giant sliding doors wide open. A private 120 square foot deck with exterior access on the west side of the barn offers panoramic views of the lavender fields and farm and is the entrance to the 300 square foot loft space overlooking the main floor of the barn.

Ocimeae Lavender Farm in the Spring
Man and woman sitting on blanket with food with a barn and lavender field in the distance.
The Grande Park at Ocimeae Lavender Farms.

The Grand Park

Two acres of beautiful lawn are encompassed by rows of lavender. Two giant oaks shade the east and west sides of The Park. Beyond it, graceful views of The Pergola and The Timber Frame Barn can be seen over the crest of rolling hills of lavender. There is ample space for 300+ guests with tables and seating. 

John Deere Tractor working on wooden barn beams.
Wooden beams with triangle awnings.
Beams in the setting sun.

The Pergola

Nestled at the top of the west hill, The Pergola is surrounded by orchard to the west and full views of the lavender fields and Barn to the east. Majestic posts create a 60’ diameter space with lush lawn underfoot, and canvas awnings above. Under the awnings is plenty of space for 64+ guests with tables and seating.

Barn at Ocimeae Lavender Farm.
Barn beams surround concrete with open grasses.
Ocimeae Lavender Farm in the Spring

The Arbor

Located just east of the Barn and surrounded by an acre of lush lawn, The Arbor has a 224 square foot cement stage, bordered with rustic wood posts which support an open, vaulted beam. Views of the lavender fields are the backdrop to the south and seasonal harvests grace the north view.